Slam Ad, The App That Pays™, lets you earn $$ while you text.

Slam Ad™ is the first mobile messaging app to place brief ads in text messages, and then pay the user CASH every time an ad appears.

Slam Ad is a digital advertising industry disrupter, reversing the notion that users want fewer ads in their media. Slam Ad members want and covet ads, earning money when an ad appears during an authentic text conversation. 

The Slam Ad technology allows advertisers to place targeted ads, announcements, product launches, and discount offers inside text bubbles while complying with FCC and privacy regulations. The users who opt in via the app can earn up to $50 per month, choose gift cards, make a donation to a favorite charity, or even make a payment toward their college 529 savings plan.

         In an era when digital advertisements have been labeled annoyances, why would someone want an ad embedded or “slammed“ into the bottom of a text?

        Because for every advertisement or offer that appears in a text stream or conversation, Slam Ad members earn $ cash.

Slam Ads are short, sweet, and relevant-- embedded into the bottom of the bubble with our patent pending technology, and released sporadically so there’s no overloading. Our users never incur additional data fees, and as an added feature, all Slam Ad members have access to our free, unlimited texting platform with the option of using the app in lieu of a limited texting data plan.

International hip-hop star Flo-Rida is a Slam Ad Ambassador and spokesperson, who says he “loves, loves, loves” the concept behind Slam Ad.

Here’s how it works: Imagine you text your friend to meet up for coffee. A few texts go back and forth to confirm the plan. A Starbucks ad or Dunkin’ Donuts discount coupon may appear at the end of a text. The sender will automatically earn money in his or her Slam Ad account. It’s that simple… Whether texting about music, movies, video games, or pizza, users will see a targeted ad from vendors such as Staples, Pandora, Domino‘s, or AMC theaters as they are messaging, and ring up profits in the form of Slam Cash.

In Slam Ad’s proof of concept, new users couldn’t download our free app fast enough once they realized their earning potential from texting, an activity millennials and teens habitually perform an average of 120-130 times a day. 

Slam Ad’s concept is based on the premise that nothing beats getting paid to do what you already do.

Americans are sending more than 500 billion texts per month. Slam Ad is the first mobile messaging app technology capable of generating Super Bowl levels of advertising revenue based on the pervasiveness of its ad placement and a platform message open rate that exceeds 99%.  Slam Ad is proud to announce that Jon Kraft, co-founder and former CEO of Pandora, is a shareholder and on the Board of Advisors for this innovative app. 

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